I am super excited for the forthcoming weekend of May 14!  Why? I’m going to Orlando, FL to finally see Florence & the Machine in concert for the first time ever.  Before I continue this post, if you haven’t listened to this band before, I highly recommend you go do so right now.  Florence Welch is a vocal goddess and you need to take the time to appreciate that.

Back?  OK, good.  So, my friends and I bought tickets for this show a couple of months back and the time is drawing near, which means I need to go shopping for my perfect concert look. This means finding the right accessories too.  I’m thinking of going with something floral and flowy and ethereal to match the songstress’s style (well, one of her styles).

My first choice in this category is something from the Lovemaze collection from Lucien Piccard.  These gorgeous watches have shimmery mother of pearl dials with twisted raised floral patterns set in shiny steel cases.  It’s the perfect choice for the essential feminine look.

The dreamy black mother-of-pearl dial, a mesmerizing view with rainbow-like appearance and swirling rose gold-tone flower ornamentation evoke the same ethereal feeling as  the group’s song “Cosmic Love” with its plinking harp strings and Welch’s soaring vocals.  What better way to pay homage to the celestial images she sings about than with this beauty of a timepiece?

If I want to enhance this dream-like style to my look, I could sport a pair of Chloe deep green square sunglasses with a translucent finished frame.  The rose gold-tone sparkling detail at the corners of the frame flow like a scattering of stars along the dark hue of the shades, completing this heaven-inspired design.

One of my friends isn’t really into florals, but she’d still want something funky to capture that 70s era of fashion and rock music. I recommend the women’s Glam Rock Miami timepiece.  Its swirling green bezel on a robust 46 mm gold-tone stainless steel case make it a bold choice for the woman who’s not afraid to stand out from the crowd.

The watch’s groovy look and feel is reminiscent of the husky vocals and smooth bass line in the song “Mother.” The mixed green swirls on the bezel create a dizzying design that make this accessory come to life,  very much like the guitar riffs that drive the song forward.

If she wanted to pump up the volume on that retro look, I’d say go for a pair of  oversized Yves Saint Laurent sunglasses in lacquered black.  The open cut design of the lenses and the bold, round shape of the frame adds a dramatic, vintage flair that will complement this Glam Rock watch nicely.


For my other friend, who has a more  classic fashion sense with touch of whimsical flair, I’d suggest the Lucien Piccard Elisia watch.  The stainless steel and gold-tone finish with a bright blue dial is an exquisite combination that will add elegance to a classy ensemble, while the uniquely stylized Roman numerals markers remind  one of Alice falling down the hole in Wonderland.


Florence and the Machine’s song “Breaking Down” offers the same contrasting aspect of simultaneously being composed, yet losing control with a bright, upbeat tempo and maniacal lyrics. Her voice teeter-totters between a soft, breathy tone and harder, wavering notes, really driving a juxtaposed emotion that could be visually represented with the Elisia ladies’ watch and its contrasting appearance with a sleek, fluid bracelet and asymmetric dial.

Wow, okay, who knew I could basically come up with an analytical thesis on the relationship between timepieces and music? The point is, Florence and the Machine’s music and the singer’s personal style vary greatly across the board, and these watches show that spectrum to varying degrees.  If you’re like Flo, you like to play with your look from week to week  or maybe even from day to day… and having the right watch to accessorize can help with that.