Invicta, What a Watch!

Since the dawn of man, time has been the quintessential part of our existence. The first known measuring device is dated back to more than ten thousand years ago, when ancient civilizations used the moon to calculate time, hence creating the first lunar calendar. Although this was very useful in measuring long periods of time, a device was needed to track it on a day to day basis. Then came along the Ancient Egyptians, who divided the day into two 12-hour periods, using large obelisks to track the movement of the sun. Water clocks, sun clocks, candle clocks and eventually the hour glass, were other measuring devices created before the first millennia. Many years later in the 1500’s, Germany’s Peter Henlien was responsible for creating the first pocket watch, which finally led to Cartier‘s creation of the flat wristwatch in 1847. And so the watch was born…

The evolution of watches has taken enormous leaps and bounds since those golden days of yester-century. From the wind-up, to the self wind, to Quartz, to digital, to open face, to black-face, to white-face, to gold, to platinum, to silver, to diamond studded, to shock resistant, to water resistant and finally to the Swiss movement – watches are the single most improved-upon, redesigned pieces of machinery known to man.

When it comes to a top notch timepiece, Swiss movement watches embody the concept of quality and craftsmanship that has been forged over many, many years. It is for this reason that the Swiss movement watches are considered top of the line when it comes to timepieces.

There are a handful of watch makers who hover at the top of the list; Invicta hovers at the top. Invicta in Latin means “invincible”. The Invicta watch is designed to allow the “regular” folk, the opportunity to own Swiss watches at an affordable price, as this type of timepiece is traditionally very expensive. Invicta began its history in La Chaux-de-fonds, Switzerland back in 1837; a land well-known for its watch making.

Their wide range of styles and prices means that not only your dress watches, but casual watches and sports watches can all be found at Invicta. Invicta Watches have gone the extra mile to give the customer a top of the line watch at a reasonable price.

Below are our top three picks for men’s and women’s watches, which can be found at the lowest prices at



What is your favorite style?

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39 Responses to Invicta, What a Watch!

  1. George Kaplan says:

    I have purchased several Invicta watches, and while I find their watches to be quite well made, I have had a nightmare experience with their customer service. I had encountered a relatively minor problem (a faulty lug band pin) with one of the watches, and after repeated e-mails, letters and telephone calls to Invicta’s customer service department, got no direct reply or response. The problem was eventually resolved, but only after 2 months, and with NO REPLY from Invicta or from Eyal Lalo, their ubiquitous President, even after a letter sent directly to him! I have vowed NEVER to purchase another Invicta. I will reserve my future watch purchases to companies that value their customers AFTER THE PURCHASE.

  2. Robert House says:

    Invicta watches…impeccable quality!

    • Brent says:

      I have a Pro Diver 200-meter automatic “Master of the Seas” Invicta Model 6024. This watch was purchased online from WOWs for approx. $85 in September of 2010.

      Nice looking watch. Terrible quality. Wasn’t even the “Master of the Shower Stall”. I only showered at home and swam in pools with this “prodiver” (no “diving” apart from 5-ft deep pool). Water condensation inside the face of the watch within 6-months of use. Numerals “ring” fell off bezel ring just last wk (two separate parts) and still wondering “where and why” so I could at least find it and “glue the numbers back on the bezel”.

      Not worth the headache of sending back to Invicta for repairs, as I’ve read all the negative blogs about Invicta repairs/service time/care (terrible).

      WOW can’t help, as this is a outside of WOWs “warranty coverage of generally one year from the date of purchase and excludes: watch case, watch bracelet, straps, crown/stem, crystal/glass, finishes, damage caused by excessive wear and tear and/or physical/accidental abuse, and damage resulting from wear under conditions exceeding the watch manufacturer’s water resistance limitations” (didn’t think a divers watch would have a problem with showers/pools if rated for 200-meters!).

      THIS IS THE ONLY PLACE I”VE SEEN OTHERS ACTUALLY “TALK UP” INVICTA, making me think Invicta must be paying these folks for these positive reviews. Pls, pls be warned about this company and their watches! They look great, but lack quality to back up the “pretty face”. Keep ‘em dry and don’t use them much and you “might” be fine…..

      Let’s help each other and be honest about how much we use Invictas and under what conditions so the truth is told. I’ll never buy another one….

      • Brent says:

        Sorry. “Master of the Oceans”…Still laughing about that name for this “leaky” Invicta divers watch. God bless the diver that actually uses it for diving!!!!

  3. Isaac says:

    I agree.
    And the most amazing fact is the variety of styles this factory produces: they are continually putting out new models to satisfy a diverse crowd.

  4. Isaac Nigri says:

    I agree.

    And most amazing fact is the variety of styles this brand produces.

  5. Andy Sainz says:

    I have 10 Invicta watches and wear each one 5 or 7 days and then the other after the last one start all over again

  6. Steve Rosen says:

    Invictas are the best value I’ve seen, anywhere. I especially like the Noma III divers and the Russian divers, but frankly, all of them are superb values and excellent quality.

  7. Jeff G says:

    I like Invicta’s styles, diversity, and their selection of oversized watches for guys. Howver, in 2 of the last 3 Invicta’s I’ve purchased, I’ve had defects. The second hand fell off the Excursion prior to it ever going on my wrist, and then same deal with the GMT hand on my newest Corduba within first two weeks. Invicta is still my favorite brand, but I’m wondering what’s going on with their construction…even in the Reserve line?

  8. Terrence says:

    I personally own over 50 Invicta watches and they are have there own identity. The craftmanship on Invicta watches are outstanding as well as the quality. Everytime I wear an Invicta watch I get numerous compliments. If you have not tried this brand I encourage you too.

  9. Paul Cahill says:

    I totally agree with invicta’s being great watches…but I also totally disagree with your choices. The Lupah Revolution and S1 series are some of their best designs.

    the only thing I don’t like bout invicta is the *obvious* design copy they do of other brands.

  10. Phil says:

    I purchased an Invicta “military/police” watch with the large face….it’s….easy to read. This watch also makes it easy to calculate times and figure speeds when catching bad guys.

  11. santana says:

    invicta best of the best

  12. Timothy says:

    For the money and value invicta watches are second to none.Their diversity and style choices are limitless.I am proud to own them and give them as gifts

  13. Layla Corrochano says:

    Buyer beware! I purchased an invicta watch from World of watches and it is a fake! I took it to be sized at a local jewler who sells these watches and he told me I had been lied too. I have emailed the customer services department at world of watches and noone will return my messages! I still decided to wear my new watch after discovering it was a fake and it broke and hit my ceramic tiles and is ruined. Very poor quality knock off and very disappointed in my purchase :(

    • Watch Guy says:

      World of Watches is an authorized Invicta retailer and we get all of our Invicta watchess directly from the manufacturer. You can contact Invicta directly and they will confirm our status as an authorized retailer so it sounds like your jeweler has given you false information. I also notice you purchased an IBI watch which is a brand that is made by Invicta but isn’t labeled as an Invicta watch. Perhaps your jeweler is not aware of this and that may be why he thinks the watch isn’t an Invicta watch.

      With regards to World of Watches customer service, we’re available Monday thru Friday from 9am – 5pm EST and we respond to every customer inquiry we receive. Please give us a call or send us an email and we will be sure to address your concerns and assist you in any way we can.

  14. doug says:

    i have about 35 invicta watches plus a few other brands. the invictas are by far and away the greatest value. the quality and value can”t be matched.

  15. DrTimothy says:

    I have been persistently ordering multiple types and brands from WOW all along the way for over a year and am so happy. I have a collection of Invicta, Swiss Legends, Pulsar, Seiko, Reply, Officine Del Tempo and Activas. The gifts for my family and friends are valued. After owning Rolexes,Technomarines and fancysmanchy brands, I can honestly state that my timepieces from WOW keep better time! In the wake of an economic tsunami, many of us can no longer afford the exorhibant prices charged by the “big boys” and so, WOW offers beautuful alternatives. They are vastly superior to any clones or replicas and the prices beat Stauers or Steiger, etc. Just check out other discount sites to understand that WOW beats the same brands everytime. And, as a bonus, if u carefully watch and wait, your faves will be available for marked discounts eventually. I also keep my eyes open for the WOW offerings for tradtional big name watch makers and recently acquired a nice Technomarine Cruise 2008. My friend wears his 50plusK$ Cartier and he is impressed with all of the Swiss Legends and the SubAqua Vibrant Yellow with 5 bands. The Commander series is eye candy and the Neptune is an excellent gift for the daughters boyfriend, as I gifted him a white dial, white band, gold trim and to her, I gave the Angel Watch with similar markings. I treasure any of the automatics I own from WOW…quality quality quality…It is the fun site I check everyday! DrTim, retired LtCol, Family Doctor

  16. victor says:

    Invicta watches are great watches to have in any collection ,I have about 25 and I always get plenty of compliments when I wear them

  17. Tracy says:

    You get what you pay for. I have never owned a high quality watch before but now have caught the bug. Invicta is by far the best quality for the money. I own 3 but will continue to build my collection. Thanks WoW for having some of the best prices on the web….

  18. Kathy says:

    My family,friends and nieghbors are always suprized at the high quality watches I give for presents and wear for myself. I always tell them deal with WOW.
    Or they must thing I am pretty wealthy,lol

  19. Celeste says:

    I’ve had my eye on an Invicta from time to time, but have yet to take the plunge. After reading the blog and the post from owners of the brand, I will probably step up my pace toward my first purchase. If it’s all that they say it is, then I’m sure my purchase will only be the first of many. Thanks WOW!

  20. Cheryl says:

    Bought the Daily Special Woman’s set from last week-with 5 watch bands-it came yesterday and is gorgous !

  21. WOW!!! = World of Watches or just Wow itself. Every single comment post that they have a lot of watch. 50 invicta watches are a lot. Crazy a lot. You need to invest in a watch winders. I meant a lot. One day, maybe I order invicta from WOW when I get tired of my Rolex

  22. A wristwatch is not only an item to show what time is it. It is also the accessory that emphasizes a person’s individuality, style, status, taste level.

  23. What is going on with Invicta? I have about twenty Invicta watches and the last three I have bought were all broken. They have all been Reserve pieces on top of that. Thank you WOW for returning my money. I’m scared to try Invicta after having three in one month being sent to me broken and not working.

    • Watch Guy says:

      Thank you for taking the time to comment. We have been selling Invicta watches for years and it is one of our most popular brands. But we understand that sometimes issues may arise and that is why we offer a 30 day “no questions asked” return policy. In addition to our return policy, every Invicta watch we sell comes with a one year manufacturer’s warranty so you can shop with confidence. I hope this helps.

  24. Kathy says:

    I have been looking at this watch online for months and finally decided to get it for myself for Christmas. Yes, it is larger than you might think, and it has some definite weight to it, but the quality of this piece is very impressive. Remember that this watch retailed for $695 ……. it is no flimsy watch by any stretch of the imagination. The face is large and it is thick. I followed the instructions to set the time, etc., and had no problems doing so. I also ordered the Invicta watch sizing tool when I ordered the watch. It came with no instructions (who dropped the ball on that one?), but if you read the reviews on the tool, the best reviewer gave an excellent written instructional tutorial. It may have taken him 5 minutes to remove his links, but it did take me longer. But once I got the hang of it, it was smooth sailing. I had to watch a YouTube video on how to operate the deployment clasp. It is a bit difficult to open despite knowing how… is tight, which may be a good thing in the grand scheme of things. I have a thing for watches and definitely expect this watch to draw a fair amount of attention and commentary. It has a definite presence on the wrist and is quite the impressive piece. If you do not like large faces, heavy weight, and thickness in a watch, then do not order this. The box that it comes in is very impressive except for the mustard yellow color. Who decided that was a good idea, Invicta???? So, other than the color, the packaging is superb. If you are considering this watch as a gift, and if you give the box a quality wrapping job, when the recipient opens it, it will be darned impressive. I absolutely love it.

  25. A watch is a very personal piece of accessory that defines its wearer and putting up a collection is a pursuit of preference and discovering one’s self.

  26. Chin Oakland says:

    Just read your post and would like to thank you for maintaining such a cool blog.

  27. USAwatch says:

    Very helpful post man, thanks for the info.

  28. masterdiver says:

    Just received my blue invicta excursion camo today, and so far I’m impressed with invicta watches. To top things off WOW had it at a great price with free shipping to boot.
    The watch arrived as promised with no defects and I hope to get several years of trouble
    free service out of it. My wife liked it so much now she even wants a lady’s invicta ; which
    we will order from WOW. This watch replaces an old citizen dive watch that finely quit I sent it in for repair but it was never correct after that, and I paid 350$ for that one. The invicta seems as solid as the citizen I had, and at the price I paid for the citizen I could have 2 or 3 invictas . I’m looking forward to expanding my invicta collection in the future if this one hold up well.

  29. Michael Noland says:

    I buy a invicta russian diver watch and wonder what the fourth arm is for??? Its has a spider on the end of it. Can’t find and answers from anybody. Please help!!!!!!!

    • Watch Guy says:

      Thanks you for taking the time to comment. Since this is just an informational blog it is difficult to handle customer service issues via the comments section. You may want to contact Invicta directly by calling them at 866-INVICTA and they should be able to answer any questions you have about your watch.

  30. Christian says:

    To change a bracelet more 2 months and I did not have still.
    It is incredible I sent my watch 14 months not under warranty by post $15, I paid for the shipping back $28 (it is very expansive), I paid $30 for the bracelet.
    The factory offices are to 15 minutes of my house but I am obliged to send by post.
    I sent it the September 15th, I did not yet receive the watch with the new bracelet.
    It is not normal. The customer service is very very bad.
    The design watches are fun the prices are affordable but after nobody for the service.
    Their web site does not work correctly.
    Caution Invicta brand is not serious.
    Before to buy, you must think about the warranty and service.

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  32. Andrew says:

    I recently bought the invicta sea hunter Swiss made chronograph model # 12534 and I love it!!! I have several watches in my collection like tissot,Hamilton,seiko,orient,oris and a vintage omega and I don’t usually buy quartz watches but fell in love with this invicta and inspected it carefully before I bought it and was very impressed with the quality! It has a very solid feel to it, screw down crown and pushers,solid lug links,very smooth ratcheting bezel,decent lume,accurate as hell and over all gorgeous detail! Not to mention it was only around 300$ I’ve been wearing it for a few weeks now and get way more compliments on the watch than any other I have owned before even more than my 2600$ oris.

  33. Thurman Figge says:

    The water resistance is, I would say, the most important feature of any sports watch. No matter what sport you are dedicated to, you will still need a water proof watch. Even just rain could cause serious damage. Just choose a suitable level of water resistance in according to what you do. The water resistance choice is huge and goes from about 10 meters up to 500 meters suitable for diving. These are often also resistant against salt.*

    Our own blog page

  34. Gus Brown says:

    I am sure with a brand like Invicta that has such a wide varity of styles and prices you get what you pay for. As a collector over (150) time pieces the bigest portion of them are Invicta and I love them all. I remember on one occation I was looking at a $50,000 watch (just to look not to buy) and the sales womans says, (Oh, you have on an invicta!) My watch got her attention. I have only gotten in touch with customer service 3 times, and they could have been a better experence.

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