a_line Adore

My friend recently bought this a_line Adore watch to match her Martian Manhunter shirt (that’s a DC comic book character for those unfamiliar), and at this point I thought, “Caitlin, you’re getting out of control with accessorizing your watches. A superhero t-shirt. Really?”

a_line Marina

Not too long after she saw an a_line Marina with orange accents and immediately she messaged me saying, “Ooh, that’ll match my Thing shirt!”

I’m thinking I might need to implement an intervention, but then I saw the same a_line Marina watch with red accents and I thought, “Hey, that’ll go great with my Wonder Woman shirt!”

Bulova Accu-Swiss

Oh no! Now she’s got me sucked into this game. If you’d told me two years ago that my superhero obsession would collide with a new found interest in watches, I wouldn’t have believed you. How could those two things have any correlation? Do superheroes even wear watches?

This reveals what a mega nerd I am. I know, but now that my friend started this trend in our relationship, it only makes sense that colorful comic book characters can coincide with an array of watch designs. But why stop there?

Egard Passages

If you’re a hardcore Manchester United soccer aficionado, there’s a Bulova Accu-Swiss watch for you. Are you a Star Trek super fanatic? Go boldly where no man has gone before with Egard’s Passages Limited Edition watch, engraved with William Shatner’s signature on the case back. There’s even  dust from a real meteor on the dial.


Nixon Dash

Got a fantastic TARDIS dress that could use a boost? I recommend this Nixon Dash timepiece to complement its signature blue color and keep pace with its futuristic aesthetic.

Go ahead and shout out your obsessions to the world! I promise that here at World of Watches, we’ll support you!