Now that we are in the new year, it’s time to be on top of trends for 2012. And when it comes to luxury watches, there are a lot of trends to look out for. For men, chain link wrist watches are going to be popular. So if you were always a fan of links, you are good to go! If you used to sport leather bands, you might want to invest in a new watch. When you do this, think about precious metals. They are coming back in a big way and since luxury watches have this as a prerequisite, you’ll be set picking up anything in gold, silver, or platinum.

For women, jewelry watches are going to be big. Any watch that looks like more than just a watch but a jewelry accessory as well.  You are also going to find big faces and chain link bands also popping up for women as well. Styles that are a bit chunkier and look more for men are going to be adorning a bunch of women’s wrists.

So stay on trend this 2012 with new watches. As if you needed an excuse to buy new ones anyway!  World of Watches has all the styles that are going to make you look up to date this year.