May I have a show of hands as to how many of you think of your grandfather’s gold watch when you hear the term “luxury watch”?

Well, the case is not so, my friends. The definition of luxury watches is always being reinvented, as has been for several years now. I mean, is it really luxury if it doesn’t have some of the newest and greatest features?

Fashion brands make luxury watches for the couture-inclined. For example, sports enthusiasts want rugged and versatile timepieces for their adrenaline pumping days. High quality watches that have the features consumers want are considered luxurious as well.

Luxury, after all, is different for everyone- different strokes for different folks. Fashion men’s and women’s watches are made to look like bracelets and cuffs. They integrate well with cool outfits, and can be worn casual or dressy with no problem. Chronograph watches seamlessly designed for both casual sports wear and fashion-forward professional wear are easy to find nowadays. This is because companies realize that people aren’t one-sided caricatures and that watches need to compete in a technological world. Getting back to the previous example, many sports designs, whether for diving, hiking, running, or otherwise will have some level of water resistance and stop watch. Some are solar powerted. Others have polyeurathane straps for comfort. They are all very durable and classy looking, though.

The luxury watch doesn’t have to be traditional. It can be modern and sleek. It will have everything you ever needed in a timepiece. And it won’t look like you’re grandfathers watch AT ALL.

“These aren’t your grandfathers luxury watches”