Some women just don’t like traditional wrist watches. Maybe it’s the style, maybe it’s because they like to stand out, stay away from things that are too common. They want a style that’s going to work with everything but also look different against their wrist compared to the woman sitting next to them on the bus ride home. Bracelet watches are those kind of watches that they’ll love because they will look at them as more of an accessory than your typical wrist clocks.

Bracelet watches are far more ornate and fun. They can go with far more outfits and make her feel like she didn’t just get a watch but a beautiful piece of jewelry. Some women view plain watches differently, so if she’s the more stylish and trendy sort, she’ll be more apt to respond positively to a watch that looks like more than just a watch!

When you choose your bracelet watch for her this holiday season, make sure you know the right material and color to get. Also, and this might seem obvious, but be aware of her wrist size. If she’s particularly petite, you may want to get it altered ahead of time so it fits just perfect on the day she opens her gift!