diamond watchesMankind’s love affair with diamonds goes back many centuries. Diamonds have inspired such great works as Kanye West’s hit Diamonds are Forever and the 1958 Truman Capote novella Breakfast at Tiffany’s (I know, It’s weird he wrote that and then some really dark books).

Any women would be happy to have a beautiful diamond watch adorn her wrist.  The Women’s Mystique White Diamond (0.14 ctw) & Blue Sapphire (0.20 ctw) Stainless Steel is a wonderful diamond watch. This watch features not only diamonds (a girl’s best friend) it also features sapphires (a girl’s favorite aunt). Lucien Piccard makes some very innovative diamond watches. This watch may be a bit hard to read for some but no one can deny the fact it is gorgeous.

For something a bit more traditional I would choose the Swiss Legend Women’s Karamica White Diamond (0.797 ctw) White Dial White High-Tech Ceramic. Ceramic watches are very popular because they look wonderful and their smooth ceramic surfaces feels great against the skin. This watch is light and lovely featuring only white diamond, white ceramic and gold.

When shopping for diamond watches more is always better. Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, and you can never have too many friends.