Practically any designer of brand name watches will at some point take a stab at diver’s watches. It’s a little hard to understand why. Most of us are not professional, or even recreational divers. At most, some of us will take brief trips to some tropical paradise or some island off the coast of some other island and try our hands (and watches, apparently) at diving once in our lives. In spite of this, the diver’s watch is among the most sought after in almost any watch brand.

It seems that almost all of the major watch brands have a line of diver’s watches. Even many watches not in the divers lines also make a distinct effort to be water resistant. That water resistance is of course the primary selling point for a diver’s watch. It makes sense that you might want a watch that could withstand a steady rainfall or a bout with a sink full of dishes, but these watches are typically resistant to the tune of nearly a thousand feet. That is one deep sink.

In the end, it all seems to come down to having the best. You might not need a watch that can allow you to explore the depths of the ocean, but if the option is between one that can and one that can’t, the choice is clear.