Weddings are a wonderful time to dress up and really accessorize, whether you’re a man or woman. Dress watches are the perfect pick for that suit or dress. Even the bride herself may opt for a watch to wear instead of a bracelet, or together with one. After all, she can then keep track and make sure everything is happening on time like planned!

If the bride is to wear a dress watch, bracelet watches should be considered. They aren’t as bold and brash as a regular watch and band and will work better with the overall look of the bridal gown, as well as match easier with other pieces of jewelry.

If you are a guest and want something to pair with your look, dress watches have so many different styles that you can match them easily. This is especially great for women who tend to have more choice in their dress than men and would be concerned with the right color and style. Stick with an all silver or gold watch, nothing too colorful or loud that will distract from the rest of your formal outfit.

With so many different choices in dress watches at World of Watches, you should be able to pick out something that works for the big event!