I am really quite ridiculously hard on my watches. I was previously a stage hand in theatre and it was almost impossible to get through a season with the same watch. My “Little Mermaid” watch, my gum band watch, and the ever popluar (in the 80s and 90s) snap bracelet watch, all litter my watch-killing history with broken faces, snapped bands, and corroded batteries. When I grew out of my “Little Mermaid” phase I began to appreciate the longevity of luxury watches. But when I somehow broke my third Pulsar, my father refused to buy me another one.

I went watch-less for quite some time until a fellow stage hand showed me her watch; a beautiful diving watch. Sure, I had no need to know how deep under water I was or the pressure around me, as I was usually several hundred feet above sea level, but it was the durability of the piece that I found most intriguing. I wasn’t satisfied with just any old watch after this (and certainly not one bearing the likeness of a cartoon character). My next watch was a climber’s watch that I still have to this day. I finally found a luxury watch that lasted me more than six months and I’ll never go back.