Time never stands still is a very popular adage, perhaps referring to the constant motion of the world we live in. In regards to wristwatches one has to wonder if the phrase was designed to represent timepieces with sweeping second hands.

Interestingly there are two types of sweeping second hand movements on today’s wristwatches: automatic and quartz. Automatic watches have a smooth second hand operation that runs continuously in a fluid sweeping movement. Quartz timepieces have a second hand operation with a pulsating repeated starting and stopping action.

Of course, there are also many timepieces with no second-hand movements at all. The Movado Museum watch was one of the very first timepieces to not feature a sweeping second-hand when it was introduced in 1947. What’s more it was also one of the very timepieces to not feature any hour indicators on the dial, albeit for the singular concave dot at the 12 o’clock.MOV-0606290

In addition to making a statement regarding up-to-the second time, the Movado Museum timepiece is perhaps one of the first true fashion watches. The watch’s popularity can easily be attributed to its minimalist good looks and cutting-edge design, as well as its premium craftsmanship.

Sixty-eight years later, a majority of the watches in Movado’s popular collections today feature updated aspects of the iconic Museum dial, sans sweeping second hands and hour indicators.

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The handsome stainless steel case is presented on the impressive triple link bracelet in brushed and polished steel. The stationary bezel with four embossed concave dots encircles the signature black Museum dial with polished silver-tone sword hands and the emblematic Movado concave dot at the 12 o’clock hour.

Premium features include a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal above the dial and quality Swiss-made quartz movement inside.  Timepiece is 45mm in diameter, 10 mm thick and water-resistant to 30 meter or 100 feet.

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