There was a time when wearing gold watches was really something you would only do if you found yourself going to a classy event. The flashiness of gold watches was not something read- made for any ol’ day of the week. You certainly would not wear something that attention-grabbing to simply go out in the afternoon grocery shopping or what have you.

It appears though that those days are long gone. These days wearing a gold watch to the movies or just to go grab a beer at the local bar is not so unheard of. In a lot of ways wearing flashy accessories has become standard no matter what event you find yourself attending. There is a great amount of freedom in fashion statements these days. Whether you are wearing jeans and a t-shirt with some sharp looking jewelry or a nice suit with a fitted baseball cap, the lines of high and low fashion have been permanently crossed.

Gold watches are of course still a luxury item that not everyone can afford. That being the case, wearing them and showing them off no matter what the rest of your ensemble is can be quite satisfying. If you’ve got it, the saying goes, flaunt it!