Stuhrling Original Aphrodite Delight

A watch could easily be described as an engineering marvel with the meticulous way they are made up of hundreds of tiny pieces, not to mention the precise and different types of movement.

Movement in watch-making refers to the mechanism that measures the time. Both women’s and men’s watches can be found in a variety of styles and may feature one of a number of mechanisms. It can sometimes be difficult to differentiate between them, so here is a simple guide to help you choose the watch movement you want.

Mechanical: The first watches, pocket watches included, were all strictly mechanical. Mechanical mechanisms remains a popular choice today and are oftentimes a feature on luxury watches by prestigious Swiss watch brands. The mechanical watch is a nod to watch-making tradition. A weekly wind-up, or a trusty watch-winder watch accessory will ensure that your watch’s time is always accurate. Mechanical watches are still popular to date mainly due to the emergence of the intricate Skeleton dial, which is designed to show the mechanism for fascinating aesthetic purpose. Popular examples include the Stuhrling Original Aphordite Delight for women.

Automatic: An automatic watch is also known as a self-winding watch. This style of watch has the ability to wind with the motion of the wearer’s body. The first automatic wrist-watch came about in 1923. British watch repairer John Harwood came up with the notion to place a weight, which is referred to as the winding rotor, that rotates with the wrist. Automatic watches also have the option to be wound manually so they can be kept running when not worn. Automatic watches can be found on collections such as the Swiss Legend Men’s World Timer.

I By Invicta Womens White Crystal Quartz

Quartz: Quartz watches are the front runners in the time-keeping race. Approximately 95% of all watches today have Quartz movement. Quartz is a mineral (silicone) found in the earth’s crust and is the primary component in sand. However, the quartz in watches is man-made as they are said to have more consistent properties. A Quartz watch movement works whereby a thin piece of quartz vibrates in response to an electronic charge, and these vibrations enable the watch to keep time. Quartz watch movements can be used with either a digital or analogue dial, and some are now battery powered. Quartz watches gained popularity due to low maintenance as well as low cost.

Digital: A digital watch displays the full number on the screen as apposed to hands on a dial. The first electric digital watches came about in the 1970s gaining much popularity in the ‘80s with digital watches showing up in popular movies like Back to the Future and Bill and Teds Excellent Adventures. Digital watches were also popular due to their many functions that included a calculator, thermometer and dictionary among other features. Today the digital watches are not as popular but are reemerging with popular designs like G-Shock and the Invicta Specialty Digital Collection.

Swiss Legend Men’s Sprint Racer

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