Are you a V-Day hater, lover or is it just another day for you?

Personally, I’m not into the whole card, balloons, flowers and chocolate kind of Valentine’s Day. Don’t get me wrong, if my fiancé comes home with chocolate, it will be eaten. I just mean I don’t buy into the commercial holiday. I appreciate the idea of a day to celebrate and show your love, because the world could use a lot more of that. However, I don’t think you need to go crazy at the Hallmark store or put pressure on yourself or your significant other in order to give them some good, good lovin’.

All it takes is a thoughtful gesture that says “You’re my person and I want you to know I freaking love you.” Please note: This expression of love can come in material form or other forms. I can only really help in the material gift area. For the other forms of love, you’ll have to go pick up a copy of Cosmo or something.

For My Lovers on a Budget:Daniel Wellington Men's Classic Bristol Dark Brown Leather White Dial

This is the budget bucket I’m in this year… Saving for a wedding has put a strict limit on all gift-giving. I ended up getting my fiancé this Daniel Wellington watch. It’s a classic, thin timepiece he’ll wear for years and best of all, it has a gorgeous rose-gold case that matches my engagement ring.

See? Thoughtful gesture for the price of $109.99. If that’s still a little too steep for you, be sure to check out the Under $100 section of our Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for other easy-on-the-wallet gift ideas for him or her.

For My Lovers Without a Budget:

For those of you that have no limits on what you want to spend on your Valentine, you can pretty much shop the entire Gift Guide. I’d suggest the Diamond Watches for Her or the Luxury Watches for Him, as a good place to start. But, that’s pretty much all I’m going to say about our lucky lovers without a budget, because you’re in love AND you have no budget… Yeah, something tells me you’ll be just fine on Feb. 14th.

But really, there’s something for everyone in the gift guide. Just think of one thing you love about your Valentine or one thing that makes him/her special. Does your girl enjoy exercising? I don’t know why anyone would enjoy that, but you can get her a nice sports watch. Does your guy love the color blue? Blue dials are a thing these days. Does she love her bling? Crystal or diamond accents are a lovely gesture.

Whatever you decide on, keep in mind that nothing says ‘love’ like a ticking reminder to show your human that you’ll love them until the end of time.

Did I just make the V-Day haters throw up a little? My bad, but there are some great deals in spite of this horrible holiday that you can capitalize on. Did I mention you get a free gift with any purchase from the gift guide? It’s true. So you can keep both, give one & keep the freebie, give the freebie & keep the gift… whatever your heart desires. That’s our little thoughtful gesture to our true loves – YOU.


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