I don’t like it when people take their watches too seriously. A watch may be a stylish accessory, but there is no reason to keep it formal, and frankly, boring. Men and women’s watches are designed to suit all sorts of occasions, so why can’t one of those occasions be a fun one? Thanks to Glam Rock watches, funky fashion watches haven’t gone out of style.

Although you can certainly find timepieces to fit a business attire, you’ll mostly find an assortment of bright colors, flashy designs, and innovative style. It’s the perfect timepiece for a wrist under the age of thirty five. There is nothing stuffy about them and thankfully, I don’t feel like my mother when I wear them. But I also don’t feel like a teenager wearing a Baby-G watch either.

The choices are vast as well. Silicone bracelet, sun yellow bezels, chronographs, dainty, oversized, white diamond embellishments –the list could go on forever. While older generations might be shuddering at this post, I’m positive my generation is nodding their heads in agreement and wondering where they can find such crazy watches. Glam Rock watches will easily grab the attention of passerbys –whether that be to compliment or to frown upon is a toss up. If you’re craving rebellious style, add them to your collection of luxury watches.