With summer coming to a close and school back in session, it’s time to hit the books again. Or perhaps if you’re like me, you never stopped reading. You may have picked up book after book after book, immersed yourself in fantastical worlds, swooned over poetic language and fell head over heels for the courageous protagonists.

Perhaps you felt a kindred spirit with your favorite heroine and thought to yourself, “How can I channel this character?” It’s okay, I’ve done it too. The idea of bringing our favorite fictional characters to life is what makes reading so fun. Of course, what better way to accomplish this than by accessorizing!

If you’re a lady with a taste for the classics, then chances are you’ve read The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald. It takes place during the Roaring ’20s in  America. The story follows four totally messed up, flawed people trying to carry on a life of luxury and pretending to be carefree. True, they’re not the easiest characters to love, but damn if they don’t have style.

Daisy Buchanan is the leading lady of this story and she’s no angel. Her dazzling, dangerous ways are what make her so alluring and irresistible to the men around her. If you want to be the star of the show like Daisy, you should have accessories to match. This Burgi watch in stunning gold-tone stainless steel and alloy is the perfect accessory.

Its beautiful multi-color dial with a swirling pattern reminiscent of peacock feathers with lush blue and green evokes the vibrancy of extravagant parties of the era, filled with champagne and jazz music. The center design is surrounded by wave-like patterns of white crystals, putting that final sparkling touch to a luxurious accent that will captivate everyone’s attention, just like Daisy. The beaded link design on the bracelet makes it the ideal adornment to add some sensational style to your club look.daisy b suns

If you’re looking for something subtler, but that still pays homage to the Gatsby look, consider these purple square Alexander McQueen sunglasses. The thick, bold plastic frame is adorned by three thin silver-tone lines at the corners that evoke a simple, geometric display consistent with the Art Deco styling of the era. You can rock these shades at brunch the next day, Daisy Buchanan style…after a night of adventures.

Perhaps you’re a girl who looks more toward the future. In that case, you’ve followed the adventures of the brave and rebellious Katniss Everdeen from The Hunger Games series by Suzanne Collins. Fashion and accessories are the last things on her mind as she struggles to survive in a world where odds are not in her favor, but you can’t help but be inspired by her spirit and fiery attitude as she takes on the evil government that wants to hold her down.

The Elini Spirit collection embodies the character of Katniss with its sleek and understated design that still stands apart from the crowd. Its textured silicone strap and shining stainless steel case combine versatile style with practical comfort. This watch can easily transfer from a bout in the games’ stadium to a game of political chess in the Capitol. Diamond accents on the bezel pay tribute to the mining community of District 12, Katniss Everdeen’s home base.capitol suns

With enough flair to make Katniss Everdeen’s Capitol handler Effie Trinket proud, the Poppy collection from AQS by Aquaswiss sunglasses adds the right amount of pizzazz to create a look worthy of a standing ovation. Vibrant mirrored lenses in a smooth, black oversized plastic frame will fit in perfectly with the flamboyant Capitol crowd. You can pair these shades with a slim fit peplum-style blouse and pencil skirt to achieve an appearance that will wow the masses.

You’ve probably already read George R. R. Martin’s A Game of Thrones, if you’re a fantasy dame with a sense of adventure and a love of magic and sword fights. There’s a plethora of amazing female characters to choose from in these books, but my personal favorite is Daenerys Targaryen, Khaleesi of the Great Grass Sea.

A beautiful, multi-color genuine leather wraparound strap characterizes this Akribos XXIV watch and it fits the fantasy theme perfectly in a nod to Daenerys’s Dothraki attire at the beginning of the books. Its mesmerizing reptile print finish and iridescent appearance brings to mind dragon scales, making this an appropriate accessory for the Mother of Dragons.khaleesi suns

Staying on the dragon scale theme for the Breaker of Chains (Daenerys has a lot of titles, I know), these Bottega Veneta sunglasses offer a neutral tone with the translucent olive green butterfly frame,  but still stand out with the snake pattern design. Add these daring shades to an edgy outfit of ripped jeans, a leather jacket and spiked heels to show off your killer queen style.

Maybe you were more a fan of Gillian Flynn’s Gone Girl. The main character of this mystery-thriller novel is actually a super sly villainess, and who can resist a bad girl? Amy Dunne is more than she seems, portraying a sweet and loving wife to the world but secretly a manipulative and intimidating partner to her unsuspecting husband Nick. With a penchant for scavenger hunts and twisted games, the Ritmo Mundo Puzzle collection is the perfect watch to represent this multi-faceted woman.

The moving puzzle pieces hide the dial and can change to various positions, making it a game to tell time. Slide out the plate where the pieces reside though, and you’ll see underneath a simple display with just the brand name for adornment. This intricate design adds a fun and mysterious element to your wardrobe that will show everyone that you are more than what meets the eye.amy d suns

If the eyes are a window to the soul, then nothing can hide someone’s true intentions better than a pair of fabulous sunglasses. These Just Cavalli shades are made for the dame who’s trouble from the moment she walks in the room. The classic black cat eye design makes a nice nod to that noir style every true mystery novel fan loves. After causing a little mayhem, you channel your inner Amy Dunne and make your stylish getaway with these cat eye sunglasses.

If you’re a hopeless romantic and adoring admirer of love stories, you’ve probably read William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet your fair share of times. It’s hard for you to resist a tragic tale of young love, star-crossed lovers and a series of misunderstandings that leads to a fatal ending. The sweetness and innocence in the beginning though is what makes for a beautiful story that you can devour.

The Cabochon Joya collection has a sparkling design of scattered crystals over a sunray dial, with crystals encrusted in the bezel and floating crystals around the dial. This sprinkling of stones resembles a sky full of stars that makes a nice symbol for Juliet’s sentiment that Romeo “will make the face of heaven so fine/that all the world will be in love with night.” It’s the perfect accessory to wear with an elegant evening dress for a night celebrating eternal love with your significant other.juliet suns

When you put Juliet into our modern day world, she’d likely make great use of the heart eyes emoji as she excitedly texts her boyfriend Romeo. These Salvatore Ferragamo sunglasses are a fun and flirty way to embody that character with their large, cat eye frame in a lovely, gradient pink hue. You may not be able to have literal heart eyes, but this design comes pretty close. You can easily pair these shades with a sun dress for your honeymoon getaway or a day of taking selfies with the bae.

For all my fellow reading ladies who enjoy a good story and want to portray the fascinating women literature has to offer, World of Watches has the perfect accessories for you!