When it comes to luxury watches, people think they can be boring or stuffy. That’s just not true. With newer, younger companies coming into the fold, new luxury designs are all about fun and flirtatious colors and designs, especially for women. Technomarine is one of those cool “new” companies. Although they started in 1997, which is over 10 years ago, in the wide world of watches that’s a pretty young face.

The fun thing about Technomarine luxury watches is that they have full, cool watches but also bands as accessories to buy in a lot of bright colors.  The faces of these watches have cute designs (like the hearts pictured), super comfortable, flexible bands and really great colors.

They are such beautiful made watches that they’ll hold up for a good, long time. But they are still affordable, often found for no more than about $350. That’s a steal when it comes to luxury, considering many watches can be thousands upon thousands. But yours can be affordable, stand out beyond all the same old styles you see on everyone, and last you just as long as any other luxury watch because they are made with as much care. Why fit in when you can stand out?