There is something to be said for the bold statement that diamond watches make. They’re flashy, they’re often very ostentatious, and sometimes they can go a little beyond your “glam” comfort level. Some people just don’t want to broadcast their wealth with a diamond encrusted watch. This is where gold watches come in.

With a well designed and aesthetically pleasing watch you can have a touch of glamour with that extra push of showing off just a little. It’s understated wealth. Like this watch from the “Glam Rock” collection over at World of Watches.

This watch is perfectly understated and yet there’s a flair of old world beauty and charm about it. A white, shiny band and accents in beautiful rose gold are sure to catch the eye of anyone and everyone. However, since it is not overly gaudy or covered in gems, no one will think you’re showing off.

It’s a tasteful watch like this that will boost confidence without anyone whispering behind your back wondering “who does she think she is?”

It’s the perfect pairing to any outfit, and it’s timeless design makes it something you’ll be able to enjoy for years to come! Beautiful but understated gold watches are the way to go.