yogaYep, this was what I used to think at the mention of yoga in my presence – NamaSTAY in bed.

I have always HATED working out. I danced throughout my whole childhood (ballet, jazz, acro), but as teenager and adult I was more about the fries and big macs than the jumping jacks. It’s not like I never tried, believe me I have. I tried running and it makes my heart feel like it’s going to jump out of my chest and I also kind of want to kill myself the entire time I’m doing it. I took a Pilates class once and basically giggled my way through it and was rolling around on the ground like a child. I had a brief run in with OrangeTheory which I guess I could tolerate because there was someone forcing me to do it the entire time, but that eventually fizzled out, too. Oh and I Zumba’d for a while… it’s a little fun and a lot embarrassing. Goes without saying, that didn’t really last either. So yeah, I wouldn’t say I’m the most active woman you know.

Anyway, if I haven’t lost you after going over my entire exercise history, I want to talk about my new found love for yoga. Yes, I said love; which still freaks me out when I say it because I used to be the girl that laughed at people when said they loved running  (or any form of exercise.) Like “Excuse me, what? You’re a liar because exercising sucks. Don’t act like you love it. No one can love such a horrible thing.” But it’s true. I love yoga. And you can judge me for it; I don’t care. But I really recommend  it if you’re like me and dread exercising. I think I can handle it because it’s slow and really challenges your entire body, but you can still take it at your own pace. It’s also therapy for your heart, mind and soul – no joke. You come out of there feeling so great, there’s even a name for it: the yoga high. Another huge factor is that you’re focusing on your breath the entire time which is a form of meditation that makes you stay present and in the moment. You become so focused on the poses (a.k.a. asanas) and your breath, that you’re not thinking about anything else for the entire hour. Which is kind of an amazing feat these days. I can’t think of any other hour in my life where I’m not thinking about something in the past or worrying about something in the future and taking in what I’m doing in that moment entirely. It’s freeing to be so present and just taking time to do something for yourself and your body that you actually enjoy. This is the longest I’ve been able to keep up with an exercise program, I’m going on four months now and I have no plans of stopping. Oh and did I mention the last 15 minutes is spent in Savasana which is essentially adult nap time? Yeah, who doesn’t need more of that in their life?

So although I really like to lose myself in my yoga classes, I do find myself wondering what time it is just because the class is hard (but like a good hard), and I’m wondering how much time is left until Savasana. So I’m shopping for a lightweight watch to wear to yoga and you’re coming with me…

Elini Barokas Spirit Watch
Elini Barokas Spirit Black Silicone MOP Dial Rose-Tone SS Watch

Up first we have the Elini Barokas Spirit Watch in black silicone with this unique black mother-of-pearl dial that I love! I just think it’s so different from all the other watches I’ve seen. And I’ve seen a ton. I’m also a big fan of the rose-gold trend so this fits right in with that. It’s also water resistant up to 100M so it’ll survive my warm yoga classes where I’m literally dripping sweat. And it’s lightweight – only 91 grams or 0.2 pounds. In short, I like that it’s small, but makes a statement. What do you think?

Invicta Women's Pro Diver Grand Diver Light Blue Silicone Rose-Tone Dial Watch
Invicta Women’s Pro Diver Grand Diver Light Blue Silicone Rose-Tone Dial Watch


Next we have something with a little more color, the Invicta Women’s Pro Diver Grand Diver Watch in light blue with a rose gold case and dial. This one looks comfortable with the thin band and small case. It’s also water resistant (up to 300M) and only weighs 93 grams. It’s sturdy and chic, with it’s thicker case so I can definitely wear it from work to yoga. Definitely an eye-catching watch that will match most of my yoga leggings. I’d say this is a definite contender.



Swiss Legend Blue Geneve Chrono Red Silicone White MOP Dial
Swiss Legend Blue Geneve Chrono Red Silicone White MOP Dial

If we thought the last one was eye-catching, this one is sure to get the attention of everyone in the room. It’s the Swiss Legend Blue Geneve Watch and I LOVE it in this classic Swiss Legend red! The ceramic bezel is surrounded by a twelve-sided, dodecagon outer bezel in stainless steel – which I think adds a unique, understated elegance to an everyday sports watch. This one is also water resistant up to 200 meters and lightweight at only 88 grams.

TechnoMarine Women's Cruise Dream White Silicone MOP Dial Crystal Accents
TechnoMarine Women’s Cruise Dream White Silicone MOP Dial Crystal Accents


Don’t laugh at my last choice – from the TechnoMarine Cruise Collection – I just think this is the cutest watch ever with the seahorse detail on the dial! I’m a sucker for animals and this one got me. Although it is a bit on the higher end ($319.99) compared to my other selections, this watch will last you through years of your yoga practice and it’s definitely something you can wear to work or on a night out with that bling! The sapphire-eyed seahorse design is joined by a beautiful mother of pearl dial and unidirectional bezel, making this timepiece as versatile as it is stylish. It’s only 63 grams and water resistant up to 200M!

How will I ever make a decision between all of these great choices? Let me know what you would choose in the comments below and help a sister out! Also, feel free to ask me any yogi questions and I’ll try my best to answer! 😉