luxury watchesThe watch strap can play just as an important factor as the dial of a watch. Personally, I’ve always preferred stainless steel and ceramic bands. Both are very durable and they won’t wear out like a leather strap. Leather is slightly more comfortable and I don’t need to remove links because of my small wrist, but I also just enjoy the look of stainless steel much better.

Stainless steel and leather may be the two biggest contenders, but we mustn’t forget about rubber. You won’t find a selection quite as large, but rubber is actually ideal for sport watches, especially divers watches. Rubber doesn’t need to be specially treated like leather nor will it scratch as easily as stainless steel. And just like leather, you don’t have to worry about link removal if the watch is too large on your wrist. It’s a wonderful option for those who wear watches when at the gym, playing sports, or doing other physical activities.

Luckily for consumers, a rubber strap doesn’t equate a cheap looking watch. The designs are just as fashionable and stylish, ranging from slim and sleek to funk and modern. There are plenty of luxury watches to be had by all!