oversized watchesOversized watches have been a big trend as of late. Both men and women alike are loving the “big look” this season. Now while oversized watches are meant to be just that, there really is a such a thing as too big. If you’re a woman looking for a luxury timepiece with a large face, at least stick to the watches designed for women. They are meant to be in proportion to the smaller wrists we women have. However, that’s not to say you can’t purchase a standard men’s watch and treat it as such because it will obviously be bigger.

But both men and women have to test the waters before making such a bold purchase. Some people just won’t look as well as others with a large watch, especially if you’re a woman with a very tiny wrist. It’s the same as with (sun)glasses. Some look awesome with glasses the size of their heads, while others fair much better with something more proportionate to their face. But at least try it out for a few days because it will take some getting used to. At first you might find it looks silly because it’s so much larger than previous timepieces. But in time, you might find that oversized watches is the perfect match.