Here at WorldofWatches, our employees are as passionate about animals as we are about watches.  So with the help of the Broward County Humane Society’s Snuggle Delivery program, we were able to make new furry friends last Friday.

Work can be hectic and overwhelming sometimes, and afterward, not everyone can make it out to the shelters to adopt a new member into their family, which is why the Humane Society’s Snuggle Delivery program brings the puppies to you!

Our own snuggle delivery brought us 10 adorable puppies ranging from black lab mixes to hound mixes, all running around, eager to play with us, and we were more than happy to oblige.

It was a blast to pet and play with the puppies, letting them lick our faces and climb all over us. We’re also proud to announce that the little brown and spotted puppy was immediately adopted by one of the employees in our TV department and is a welcome addition to his family.