My watch battery just died, and I am taking this as an opportunity to treat myself to a new  watch. I want to get my old watch fixed, of course, but I want a new, fancier watch as well. I am a bit of a watch addict; I remember loving watches even when I was little. watches

As I grew older, I realized that a good watch is an investment. The watch I currently have is simple and generally dependable; perfect for my post-college lifestyle. I found it online for a great price, so after that very successful shopping experience, I plan on browsing luxury watches  on online watch stores to find my new timepiece.

Since I already have an everyday watch, I want to treat myself to a fancier brand name watch. I have a basic idea of what I am looking for; a sterling silver watch with a metal bracelet and clasp and a small watch face. I do not want an oversized watch, since it would swallow my wrist. I wear other jewelry so I do not necessarily want my watch to always be the dominant accessory.

I have a few contenders in mind; I just need to narrow down my selection. I know that whatever I choose, I will get it for a great price.