Buying high end luxury items can start to feel like a burden. Payment plans tend to put the emphasis on draining your bank account at any cost and can make owning some fine jewelry or an extremely high end piece of furniture as stressful as having another mortgage or a second car. That all said it does not make me want brand name watches any less.

Luckily for the next three days you can get beautiful high end men’s and women’s watches at up to a 91% discount from the folks at World of Watches. It’s part of their “Stress Free Mega Sale!” You can feel the relief of that retail anxiety already, can’t you?

What’s more they’ve also established a “Stress Free Payments” plan. These plans vary but you can pay for your gorgeous new watch in as many as six credit card payments. This is all without the added burden of a credit check!

Safe to say you’re probably itching to start browsing the wide selection of gold, silver, and diamond encrusted watches over at ¬†World of Watches before this sale ends on October 31st! That’s Monday!