Seiko watchesMany people think you can’t get a stylish high quality watch for under $100. This is simply not the case. Seiko watches are both stylish and affordable. Let’s explore some of what Sieko watches have to offer for under $100.

For men I would suggest the Sieko Men’s Automatic Gold Plated Black Dial. This elegant timepiece displays the time, day and date. This watch looks like a $300 dollar watch but it is available for under $80! This watch is great for a day at the office or a night on the town. It’s fun but formal and you can’t go wrong with a black and gold color combination. All the details on this watch, from the shape of the hands to day/date indicator are perfect.

For women I would suggest the Sieko Women’s Automatic Gold Plated Gold Tone Dial. This watch is all gold and 100% class. I love the raised gold roman numerals on the face. Like all Sieko watches, the attention to detail on this watch is spectacular. Everything is simple and subtle but also very deliberate. Nothing looks out of place, aesthetically this watch just works.

Those are only two Seiko watches going for under 100$. There are many more so be thrifty and see what Seiko has to offer.