When it comes to Swiss watches, we often hear that phrase and realize that whatever piece it may be, it’s of top quality. It’s something we’ve all come to understand pretty easily. But what a lot of people don’t realize is that for a watch to be marked “Swiss-Made”, it has to adhere to a few things; it’s movement is Swiss, the case was set in Switzerland and the manufacturer has the final inspection carried out in Switzerland. If it does not match these 3 criteria, it cannot be called Swiss-made.

However, a watch can have just movements that are Swiss. The movement must be assembled and inspected in Switzerland and 50% or more of the total value must be Swiss materials.

So now that you know what exactly makes Swiss watches, well, Swiss, you can share the wealth of knowledge with others. And you can be sure to look out for watches stamped with the “Swiss Made” logo, which will certify that it it does match all the criteria. You’ll know you are getting the real deal the next time you go watch shopping. It’s all about the Swiss mark of excellence!