Glancing at the vast collection of Eterna watches available on World of Watches, one commonality grabs my attention.  Besides the obvious elegance and quality , five dots  are visible on the dial.  But what do the five dots represent? Why in 1948 did Eterna choose to include five small dots on every dial?

The five dots represent Eterna’s historic contribution to the field of watchmaking. In 1856 Eterna  produced high quality movements under the original name of Schild Frères & Co.  Later they began manufacturing dainty ladies wristwatches adapted from pocket watches.  In 1905, the name Schild Frères & Co was changed to Eterna. In 1914 Eterna unveiled the first alarm wristwatch at the Swiss National Exhibition in Bern. By the Roaring Twenties Eterna watches had become a household name, treasured by women – a sign of distinct good taste. However it was in 1948 when Eterna unveiled the Eterna-Matic,  the company truly made its mark.  In the Eterna-Matic low friction ball bearings were used to support the rotor of an automatic movement. A rotor is the oscillating weight or heavy metal disc situated at the back of an automatic watch which winds the main spring with the gentle swinging motion of ones hand. The ball bearings on the Eterna-Matic substantially reduced the friction of the rotor thereby increasing the efficiency of the winding mechanism and transfer of power. The ball bearings made a deep impression on the watch world and on Eterna’s success , thus five ball bearings were placed on the dial in a position of recognition.

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R. Van Halem