Ceramic watches are definitely a new trend that’s been popping up all over the watch world. A common misconception is that ceramic is too delicate or will make a poor choice for watch material, but it’s actually the exact opposite. Ceramic is very durable, not to mention scratch resistant, and isn’t that what everyone wants in a watch? (Besides it looking awesome, of course.)

But thankfully durability doesn’t have to mean heavy and clunky. Ceramic is surprisingly lightweight and thin. You’re probably thinking that must mean they’re super expensive right? Wrong again! Sure you can find really high quality Swiss watches brands offering ceramic watches for thousand of dollars, but you can also find brands like Fossil and Michael Kors showcasing more affordable watches. My favorite thing about ceramic watches is that they often come in awesome colors, so I’m not limited in the color choice of the watch strap.

Formal, casual, sporty, whatever style floats your boat, is now coming in a variety of material choices that are stylish, fun, functional, and affordable. Ceramic watches make a great addition to any watch lover’s collection without breaking the bank. Look for your next addition over at World of Watches and enjoy some the best brands at an amazing discount.