black watchesI have quite an affinity for black watches, which I may have mentioned previously. Despite the fact that black is the absence of color, it still manages to “pop” off my pasty white wrist. It’s a daring choice to choose an all black watch, but it’s more than understandable why some might shy away. It’s a watch that makes a statement; it’s assertive, almost forceful.

But if you’re too timid to go all black but do want to try something new, check out the Stuhrling Original Alpine Automatic for men. The watch features many elements I have grown to love in a watch. It has a black leather strap, a beautiful rose gold casing, and a skeleton dial. Skeleton watches are immensely popular right now. Pair that with a rose gold faceplate with white markers and you’ve got yourself one stylistically diverse watch. The rose gold adds that lighter touch to contrast the black. Expect to get plenty of onlookers when you wear this timepiece out. It’s fresh and stylish without being too out there and funky.

Stuhrling offers quality mens watches that some only dream to own. But when you shop at World of Watches, you can save big on this model. It’s 74% off the MSRP, bringing it down to a mere $140. Add it to your holiday list this year!