This weekend many couples around the globe will become engaged. Valentine’s Day is tomorrow and it is traditionally one of the biggest holidays for couples to agree to join each other in matrimony. From a romantic rendezvous in Paris with the Eiffel Tower as a backdrop to a college basketball game with over 15,000 witnesses watching on a big screen, there are many ways to ask the special lady in your life to marry you.

Whether you’re planning to become engaged this weekend or some other time in the not so different future, you’ll certainly want to have the perfect engagement ring to pop the question with. There are many elements to consider: the size, cut, carat weight and setting of the stone, as well as the precious metal of the band.


Platinum and gold are by far the most popular choices. Platinum, a true white metal is exceptionally lustrous and incredibly durable. It is hypoallergenic and also the most expensive metal available. White and yellow gold are less costly than platinum, and are made with other metals, such as nickel and zinc, which some individuals may be allergic too. In addition, when banged or scratched white and yellow gold may become thinner over the duration of time.

Platinum plated sterling silver is an excellent choice in regards to affordability and durability. Platinum plated silver has a whiter luster than both silver and gold and it also a stronger choice.  What’s more it offers the tarnish resistant qualities of platinum and is also six times more tarnish-resistant than traditional sterling silver.

Popular online retailer offers an exceptional collection of platinum plated silver engagement rings and coordinating wedding bands. From breathtaking solitaires to shimmering multi-stone bands, you will find just the ring you are looking for.

The 3.5 ctw Solitaire engagement ring in lustrous platinum plated sterling silver is a real eye-opener. A shimmering round-cut cubic zirconia stone with 3.5 carat total weight is prong-set to perfection on the lustrous setting. The platinum plated sterling silver band is highly polished to a mirror-bright patina.

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