As we rapidly approach the busy holiday shopping season, I wanted to take a few moments and talk about us, and more so, to talk with you about who we are, where we’re going and what that means for you.

Let’s start out though with a bit about who we aren’t so that you can shop with us confidently.

Recently, a few websites have popped up selling watches at unbelievable prices. Some of them have gone so far as to copy our content and watch selection, and even use our Miramar, FL mailing address as their own.

They simply aren’t affiliated with us. At all.  World of Watches is a team of around 100 people always working to find you great watches to add to your collection, or even to just have a way to know what time it is without pulling out your phone.

We truly believe the traditional watch still belongs in the fashion world. Sure, technology has come along that makes the practical aspects of wearing a watch a little less necessary. Now you can simply glance at your phone or even use an Apple “Watch” or other connected smart device.

But we just think traditional watches are cooler. We like the engineering, we like the weight, and we like the way it looks and feels. It’s about style and personality and that feeling you get when you put on that finishing touch to your outfit, look in the mirror and say, “Damn, I look good.” Plus we believe having a good watch brings with it a true sense of ownership, as opposed to just having yet another way to tell time or check your email. Whether, it’s your first watch or your 50th, it’s a part of your collection, a part of your wardrobe, a part of you.

So that’s how we approach each day here. We put great watches at great prices on our website, so that we can give you exactly what you’re looking for.

We Listen


We spend a lot time listening to you, and wondering about you. You know, just some light stalking.

Totally kidding about the stalking, but every morning our customer service director, Gloria, does fill us in on what you have been saying to us on the phone. What you like, what you don’t like, how we treated you… all of the little things (or big things) that will end up making you happier in the long run, and us a better online friend to you.

We pour over data, trying to figure out what you want to buy, and at what price. As you know, there are tens of thousands of watches on the market today. It can make it difficult for us to figure out exactly what to buy for you, so your feedback is always appreciated. You can leave us a comment directly below, or you can always feel free to give us a call. We really want to hear from you.

We read a lot of watch forums, too. We can pick up on trends, hear some general feedback about the watch industry, and sometimes even a bit about our site.

To that end, I wanted to make sure you know that if we say we’re an authorized reseller of a brand, such as Invicta, Tissot, Rado, Maurice Lacroix… we really are. We would never put anything on our website designed to mislead you intentionally.  We make adjustments to product descriptions and watch specs on a daily basis to make sure we’re telling you as much about what you’re buying as we can.

Since we also carry Pre-Owned and Store Display models, this becomes even more important. We try to tell you where every scratch and discoloration is so you know what you’re getting. That’s really important to me personally, as well as all of us here.

We Keep Moving


As I mentioned before, the gift buying season is coming, and according to a lot of researchers, really already here.

So we’re very busy buying inventory, making improvements to our shipping and fulfillments processes, and making sure we have enough customer service available at all times so you can get your purchase quickly, easily and without a problem.

We’re looking at new brands we’ve never carried before and increasing the styles available for your favorite brands.

In other words, we’re really trying to be better for you. We want you to shop with us, talk with us and share us with your friends. I personally appreciate every time you mention us on Facebook, or share a watch on any social media platform. So thank you for doing that, and please feel free to keep doing it…

So What About You?


That’s a little bit about us, and how we feel about you. I’d love to know more about you too!

You can leave a comment below (or on any page on our blog) and I will see it. You can email me at You can hit me up on Twitter @KevinWebsterSWI. And of course you can always call us or chat with us online.

You can also reach us through our main social channels.





Tell us what you think. We really want to know! Good or bad, it’s worth my time to hear about it. I’ll respond as quickly as I can, with an answer and a genuine thank you.

Have a great last few days of summer and I’ll be in touch again soon.