With the much anticipated arrival of Harry Potter and Cursed Child, a new piece of literature to add to the beloved series that defined a generation, Potterheads around the world saw the revival of Harry Potter mania. Coming just in time on July 31 to celebrate the birthday of the boy who lived, this new stage play script was met with great enthusiasm at bookstores across the nation, who hosted  midnight release parties, just like the ones from many fans’ childhoods. Every wannabe witch and wizard blew the dust off their old wands and robes and took to the malls to show off their Hogwarts paraphernalia, whether they belong in Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Slytherin or Hufflepuff.

For those unfamiliar with the phenomenon that’s the magical, fictional world of Harry Potter, Hogwarts is the English school for witchcraft and wizardry and these are the four houses the students attending get divided into. A magic object called the Sorting Hat decides which house each student gets to call their family while attending classes. The Sorting Hat looks into the minds of these young students and places them accordingly to traits like courage, intellect, cunning and loyalty.

Every die-hard Harry Potter fan knows which house they belong in (I myself belong to Huffelpuff). When out and about in the real world, fans waste no time showing off their allegiance with t-shirts, jewelry, shoes, accessories and more. If you’re new to the Harry Potter fandom (that’s short for fan domain), no worries. There are plenty of quizzes out there to help you sort yourself into a house, and what better way to start representing your House pride than with a watch to match your traits?

gryffindor head boyFor those who belong in Gryffindor, where dwell the brave at heart with their daring, nerve and chivalry to set them apart, the TW Steel Canteen  watch is a bold design that stands out from the crowd. Vibrant in gold-tone stainless steel and with a red dial, this timepiece is a unique accessory to display your adventurous sense of style. Its generous size and textured accents on the bezel and on the bracelet give it a fashionable edge that will enhance the bravest of Gryffindors’ wardrobes.gryffindor head girl

Of course, we can’t forget those lion-hearted lady Gryffindors in need of a flashy timepiece for the next Yule Ball. The Cabochon Papillon watch  works like a charm in adding a dazzling touch of style to an extravagant gown. Its gold-tone and red color scheme stays true to the house colors and the crystal markers put the final sparkle on an eye-catching accessory that will truly reveal your fearless fashion-forward sensibilities.

slytherin head boyEvery Slytherin man, of course, exudes great power and the So & Co Monticello watch does just that with a robust, Tonneau  shaped alloy case and sporty chronograph dial. The complementary green genuine leather strap matches the dial and stays true to Slytherin’s house colors. It can match any set of the  wizard’s robes for every occasion.slytherin head girl

For the Slytherin head girl who’s shrewd and cunning with great ambition, she will need a mesmerizing accessory that’s as captivating as she is. The SO & Co. Madison watch in an olive green hue features  a swirling, crystal-encrusted design reminiscent of a snake on the dial. It makes an ultra-fashion savvy statement that commands attention.

hufflepuff boyFor the just and loyal Hufflepuff who’s true and unafraid of toil, the Invicta S1 Rally GMT Chrono watch is the perfect fit. Its racing stripes color scheme of black and yellow upholds the house colors and suits the image of the Hufflepuff guy with an on-the-go theme. The sporty design of the genuine leather strap  adds a sense of someone who’s a team player, like any true Hufflepuff.hufflepuff girl

Hufflepuff gals are just as fierce and determined as the guys and the  Swiss Legend Throttle watch is the perfect fit. Representing its badger mascot with a yellow color scheme on the dial and black ceramic case and bracelet, this stylish watch is made for proudly showing-off at the next quidditch match. The screw accents in the bezel offer an industrial look and feel that enchance the image of the hardworking Hufflepuff woman.

ravenclaw boyThose gentlemen who are of wit and learning can always find their kind (and the time) with the Lucien Piccard Pegasus watch. The rich blue dial with a chronograph feature resembling a time turner—er, I mean, an hour glass—can help the Ravenclaw, ready of mind, proudly show off his house colors. Its smart design and color scheme with a classic genuine leather strap embody the Hogwarts house’s values of cleverness and an open mind.ravenclaw girl

There’s no reason the head girl of Ravenclaw house can’t be smart and stylish! The Cabochon Saga watch features a blue and rose-tone color scheme with a mesmerizing pebble-textured  leather strap and shimmering mother- of-pearl dial. It holds true to the house colors and offers a sensible accessory that will help keep any Ravenclaw lady on time and in fashion. This stunning watch with stylized Arabic numerals is sure to always be the cleverest and best in any wardrobe.

Whether your house style adheres to the philosophy of bold and daring or clever and ambitious, World of Watches has something to match every Harry Potter aficionado. Come get sorted with the right watch today!

Image of Harry Potter fans in line at book release party  courtesy of Wiki Commons.