Gentlemen, keep scrolling. Nothing to see here. The skeleton watch post a few scrolls below might interest you. This one’s for my sistas…

All you single ladies need not fret, because I’ve got news for you: You don’t need a boyfriend to rock the boyfriend trend. Groundbreaking, I know.

Seriously though, you don’t need no man for this trend! You actually don’t NEED a boyfriend for anything. Boyfriends are like the accessories of life, aren’t they? Not a necessity to complete your ensemble, but it does add an element of excitement when you do add that watch or throw on that pair of cat-eye sunnies.

Okay, that sounded a little harsh, the reality is we love boys and their assets. So we might as well take advantage (of the assets, not the boys). We ‘borrow’ their razors and their deodorant, so why not extend that into their closets? After all, the whole menswear-inspired trend for women is really just another way to say oversized. Oversized jeans, t-shirts, blazers, button-down shirts and more importantly, WATCHES.

With all of these oversized options trending (and I think we can call it a staple rather than a trend at this point), you can easily find watches that fit the mold (or don’t fit, depending on your take) in both the women’s and the men’s sections. If you’re looking at women’s watches you’ll want to look for a case diameter in the 40-45mm range. There aren’t too many women’s watch brands that make case sizes bigger than that, so that’s why I like looking in the men’s watch section. That’s right, don’t judge me… I’m a size queen and proud of it!

There’s just something freeing about wearing an item that wasn’t meant for you. And best part is – it’s easy to pull off! I think that’s why I prefer the boyfriend watch as opposed to the boyfriend jeans or t-shirt. You can wear your girl jeans (that don’t make you look like you pooped your pants) and a normal-fitting girl top, throw on a big, unexpected watch and change the entire feel of your outfit. It’s effortless and simple, yet dangerous and chic. You’ll definitely be feeling yo’self.

SL-16187SM-RG-11-sideA good case diameter to achieve a legit boyfriend look is anywhere from 46-49mm. But by all means, if you think you can handle 50mm and up, go for it, girl. Who am I to put limits on your life? Just make sure you keep in mind the thickness, they’re making them STACKED these days and it might be too much for our delicate lady-wrists to handle (wait – what exactly are we talking about here? Oh, case thickness, right.)

Anyhow, I found this sizing guide extremely helpful while on my hunt for the perfect boyfriend… watch. Remember, when you’re upping the girth (of your case), the bracelet or strap is going to get wider as well. That’s the idea though, you want this watch to take over your wrist; to command attention. I never met a confident girl who wasn’t flattered by other women (or men, even) checking out their guy. If you got it, flaunt it.

Once you kind of have an idea of what your wrist can handle, start browsing by brand, by color and find your soulmate watch. I put a little list together to make your search easier as there isn’t quite a Tinder-type app for boyfriend watches, yet. So, in no particular order, who am I kidding, in order from biggest to smallest… here are some handsome options for your future boyfriend watch.

And don’t worry, if you can’t handle the size once you actually see it on your wrist, we’ve got free shipping & returns. That’s the beauty of the boyfriend watch, zero commitment until you’ve found the perfect one.

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