JBW Laurel

My friend recently bought this JBW Laurel watch to match her Martian Manhunter shirt (that’s a DC comic book character for those unfamiliar), and at this point I thought, “Caitlin, you’re getting out of control with accessorizing your watches. A superhero t-shirt. Really?”

Not too long after she saw a Calvin Klein Lively with orange accents and immediately she messaged me saying, “Ooh, that’ll match my Thing shirt!”

I’m thinking I might need to implement an intervention, but then I saw a Tissot Bella Ora watch with a sapphire crystal and I thought, “Hey, that’ll go great with my Wonder Woman shirt!”

Oh no! Now she’s got me sucked into this game. If you’d told me two years ago that my superhero obsession would collide with a new found interest in watches, I wouldn’t have believed you. How could those two things have any correlation? Do superheroes  even  wear watches?


Go ahead and shout out your obsessions to the world! I promise that here at World of Watches, we’ll support you!