Autumn is here now, but inevitably, winter will soon rear it’s ugly, snowy, freezing head. And with winter comes holiday merriment and gift giving (translation: long lines, gift wrap paper cuts, gifting stress. Yay! I love the holidays!)

Good news for all you indecisive gift givers: watches make great gifts! I just made your shopping 100 times easier! When it comes to watches for men, here are two that are sure to fool the man in the life into believing that you spent copious amounts of time thinking about what to buy for them.

The Movado Men’s Fiero Chronograph Silver and Black Dial watch makes an excellent gift for any man in the corporate world. This sleek, high-modernist time piece says I have arrived. Unlike other watches in its price range, this Movado mens watch is small and sophisticated. Too many high end watches are gaudy and enormous making this Movado’s stoic elegance all the more appreciated.

For a more casual and affordable choice I would go for any one of Seiko’s stainless steel watches. These watches are sturdy, sporty, and utilitarian. Most are around $70. They can be worn in the office or at the local bar after work. With these watches, Seiko was able to capture what eludes so many other watch makers; simple, straight forward, sound watch design.

When giving a man a watch, try to keep his personal style in mind… but when in doubt simple is always better than showy. No matter what you choose, a watch is always a well received and appreciated gift, and will make you look like an expert shopper.