bracelet watchesMany women have to make a choice when they leave the house every morning. Will I wear a watch or will I wear a bracelet? With bracelet watches you don’t have to choose. You get the beauty of jewelry with the convenience of wearing a watch.

If you like charm bracelets and gold watches I would suggest the Arnext Women’s Silver Dial Gold Tone Base Metal Round Link Charm Bracelet. This charm bracelet features 6 lovely charms, one of which is a key with a watch face. They watch blends into the overall design of the bracelet seamlessly. You can add your own gold charms, making this watch highly customizable.

For something bolder I would go with the Croton Woman’s Ballroom Swarovski Crystal White MOP Dial Silver Tone Bangle Burgundy Lizard. This abstract bracelet looks like the kind of fashion forward piece you would find at a hip, Soho boutique. This piece is a great mix of colors, shapes, and materials. It has great wrist presence and will defiantly get noticed.

The Android Green Dial Stainless Steel Case & Bracelet has a hip futuristic design. This is a combination regular watch, digital watch, and bracelet. It looks great if you are going for nerd chic.