I have been looking for striking and new looking men’s watches recently and was stunned by a particular model from the Welder watch company. Welder’s design philosophy is steeped in an imagined future. They talk of space and time travel and the specific year 2075. The company’s stated mission as follows: “Most watch brands project their past into the present. Welder is the opposite. It aims to project the future into the present.” The name Welder it’s self is about among other things the welding of people to machines and the welding of the past to the future. As a result of all of this philosophy the company is making some very interesting designs.

The model pictured for example has a very nontraditional square shape. There are quite a few rectangular watches and quite a few more round ones but the square is a rare design choice and one that apparently we can expect to see more of as we march towards 2075.

The watch and many other watches from Welder, really does look like it is from another time. It’s black color is also a reflection on that design ideal. If you were looking to buy a watch for someone obsessed with the future, you’ve found your match.