There is a growing trend in watch making to make women’s watches look more and more like jewelry instead of watches. This is ever apparent in diamond watches these days. They have a great selection out there of sleek and beautiful watches encrusted with diamonds. They look like high end bracelets that just happen to be able to tell time.

But there are other watches coming out that look like amazingly cute jewelry! These include great gold watches like this Skagen watch pictured here. It’s gold ion plated band and hands are beautifully muted and a perfect accompaniment to any outfit casual or dressy.

I think the white mother of pearl face really draws out the beauty of the gold and the design on the band.

I think the trend of making watches look like jewelry is a brilliant one. No longer do you have to decide between a beautiful bracelet or being able tell the time. Now you can do both. Also, with the great designers out there today, it’s easy to find a versatile watch that can be both worn to the office and to the office party. While I wouldn’t suggest wearing it to the gym, it still retains a sporty quality that is so desirable these days. All in all, a beautiful watch and a great trend!