With World of Watches still currently running a Black Friday sale with insanely low prices, now is the right time to buy some watches that were previously out of your price range such as diamond watches or luxury watches by famous designers.  Items previously unattainable may have slipped into your price range, giving you the power to really WOW a loved one this holiday season.

If you are shopping for a women who loves diamonds I would suggest the Swiss Legend Women’s Karamica White Diamond (2.88 ctw) Pave Dial White High-Tech Ceramic. This watch is ceramic and its face is covered in diamonds. It’s great for a fancy night on the town and the price has been reduced from around $5,000 to less than $1000.

For men there are so many luxury bands for such low prices I don’t know where to begin. The list of luxury watches for men just goes on and on, with brands like Swiss Legend, Jacques Lemans, Seiko and Invicta just to name a few. You are bound to find something for the special man in your life.

These prices will not be around for long so I suggest if you are in the market for a watch you can’t afford got to World of Watches now!