I have found it such an interesting cultural phenomenon that when asked “what time is it?” people will respond with “I don’t know; I don’t have my phone.” Such strange non sequiturs have found their way into our everyday vernacular. Other strange non sequiturs also have to do with time. When people ask “what’s the time?” someone will respond by looking not at a calendar but at their watch for the answer.

This one is not so strange as many watches such as the invicta watch pictured here, have a chronograph that tells you not only the time of day, but the day of the week and the date! This is incredibly helpful when doing everyday tasks such as filling in forms, writing checks, and making it to meetings on time. Because, really, what’s the sense in showing up at the right time if you’ve got the wrong day?

Invicta men’s watches are not only helpful but they’re gorgeous! The stainless steel design on the one pictured here is a classic look that will last you a very long time. The shiny metal never goes out of style and the easy to read face makes it a great buy!