Since the premiere of the wristwatch in the 19th century, the industry has seen an enormous variety of styles, as well as a vast number of manufacturers and brands enter the market. Today, more so than ever, a brand name watch is not simply a functional piece of attire but so too is it a highly valued fashion accessory, which has earned the type of popularity that is often reserved for fast cars and fashion designers. Indeed, the three often go hand in hand. As such, it has been said that a watch can tell you as much about the time as it can about its wearer. Which begs the question: What does your brand name watch say about you?

Traditionally the size of the watch dial is the detail that will differentiate between a men’s watch and a women’s watch. For this reason, the bigger the dial the more masculine a watch is considered to be. A man sporting a watch with a big watch face is a man’s man—bold, adventurous and generally a lover of sports.

That said, recent years have seen an increasing number of women sporting men’s watches in the pursuit of making a fashion statement. Generally, a woman who wears what is traditionally considered a “man’s” watch is a fashionista; she is interested in trends, styles and making statements.

Tag Heuer Monaco Automatic Chronograph.

While a square watch face is not new, it is still considered unconventional by many. There are square brand name watches for both men and women. In the past, a square-faced watch was more commonly a female fashion statement. However, today that is far from the case. Indeed, one of Tag Heur’s most popular men’s watches is their Monaco Automatic Chronograph. Invicta, Swiss Legend, and Jacques Lemans also manufacture popular men’s square-faced watches. Usually manufactured by luxury brands, a square watch represents wealth with a unique flare in style.

Although Skeleton dial watches have been manufactured since the 1920s the trend has gained enormous commercial popularity in the last few years. The excellent craftsmanship and elegant precision of the skeleton dial watch, makes them revered by collectors who appreciate their unique style. Risk takers and innovators are fans of this style of watch; it’s a design that will always be noticed and sure to be a topic of conversation. Much like its wearer, only select brand names such as Croton and Stuhrling Original are daring enough to take on the intricate design.

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend? Well, not anymore! Today, diamonds are often featured on men’s watches, too. Many diamond brand name watches can be found at World of Watches, such as the women’s Lucien Piccard Celano, which is laced with authentic white diamonds and red ruby’s giving the wrist an elegant glow. Men too can choose from diamond designs such as the Akribos XXIV chronograph.  Diamonds are a classic statement of wealth and wonder. A diamond watch wordlessly says one thing: you accept nothing but the best.

Akribis Monaco Automatic Chronograph Men’s Diamond Watch

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