While some of us ladies may prefer a refined and classy watch to wear with evening gowns and even a sharp pant suit, younger girls are leaning more towards adventurous styles in their wrist wear. Brand name watches are no longer just the basic dress watches enshrined in precious metals, featuring diamonds but rarely featuring an adventurous or loud design. These days many brand names have followed the lead of companies like Glam Rock watches and Swatch in making styles that offer a luxurious feel with a mix of funky and fresh design meant to make wearers stand out.

A great example of that style is the Glam Rock Palm Beach watch. With its silver dial and bright orange band and casing, it’s the combination of a refined watch face in silver with eye popping and brightly colored silicon. It makes for a striking and fashion forward look, great for wearing with a casual sundress, jeans or an eye-popping ensemble straight out of Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

These womens watches are made with the same care and engineering of a more “high brow” model in the same price range, but offer a fresher appeal for a younger buyer. Looking hip can be its own kind of refined.