Swiss Legend Men's SL Pilot GMT Grey Dial Gunmetal IP Case Black Leather
Get the Black-on-Black Trend With This Swiss Legend Men's SL Pilot GMT Grey Dial Gunmetal IP Case Black Leather
It’s a new year and that means there are new trends to take note of.  So, with that in mind, World of Watches looks ahead to the biggest and best watch trends we can expect in 2012. 

Buying a watch is a big investment.  So, when buying a watch, it’s most important that you love it.  That said, there are so many choices to make when buying a watch that it can be a little overwhelming.  One need only look at the World of Watches complete catalog of watches to see the incredible selection of watch styles on the market.  From chronograph and divers watches, to porcelain and plastic watches, there are an abundance of watches to choose from.  Therefore, in any given year, some styles are more popular than others.  And we often see new watch technologies and fabrications appear on the market.

So here, in a nutshell, courtesy of World of Watches, are the expected men’s watch trends for 2012:

1. Digital Watches.  No longer reserved for front-of-class nerds and coffee shop hipsters, retro digital watches are a fashion-forward choice for 2012.

2. While women’s watches grow, men’s watches shrink, as noted at the Basal World 2011 conference.

3. Stainless Steel Watches get a color injection in citrus and nude shades, such as green, orange, charcoal and brown.

4. Restrained styling.  Gone are the days of brash “Jacob the Jeweler”-style watch faces full of blinged out modern designs and.  These days, it’s more about an understated vintage-fused-with-contemporary aesthetic.

5.  Black watches are a much talked about trend for 2012.  To pull off this trend look for a watch for men with total matte black-on-black styling.