Swiss Legend Men’s Neptune Brown Edition

Over the past few years, color has become increasingly prominent in the watch industry. A growing number of people no longer invest solely in one watch, but rather a number of watches.  Catching onto this, the brand name watch industry has increased its use of color.  As such, the watch is no longer purely functional as people use their watches to coordinate and accessorize an outfit.  This year, we have seen three main color trends figuring in both watches for men and women.

Grey: When it comes to brand name watches, grey is the new black.  It looks great with everything and lends a casual yet chic feel to the timepiece.  More muted than black, it brings a softer look to watches for men and women, and is proving popular with fashion types.

Brown: As early as 2011 it was predicted that brown would be the color trend for Spring 2012 and the fashion predictions were right.  Classic, elegant, and maybe a little preppy, many brand name watch manufacturers have brought out new collections donning a chocolate exterior including Lucien Piccard, Swiss Legend and more.   Twighlight star, Kristen Stewart is a fan of this trend and is often seen sporting her brown leather strapped Seiko at her media appearances.

Rose Gold:  The pink-hued precious metal has taken over the popularity stakes from its more traditional, yellow-toned ‘brother.’  It has even been making a splash on men’s watches.  Style maven, Victoria Beckham, is known to favor her rose-gold watches and is credited with starting the trend with her Rolex men’s watch.

Watch Size:

An interesting brand name watches trend that has been witnessed in 2012 is the size of watch faces.  In an interesting twist on the ever-timely “Battle of the Sexes” issue, the watch industry has seen an increase in size of faces on women’s watches, while the face size has decreased on watches for men.

Men’s Gucci Digital Watch

Back to the Future:

What goes around comes around, and that can now be said for digital watches. Formerly viewed as a look that should stay firmly in the ‘80s, or as the fashion domain of nerdy types, the digital watch has been making a comeback throughout 2012.  Brand name watches jumping on this digital revolution include Invicta, Activa, Timex… Even luxury designer watch manufacturer Gucci.