If you’re like my Dad, you view the holidays not only as a time for family and friends, but as a great vacation opportunity. When my father hit 50, he decided to take off and see the world at every opportunity. The holiday season affords him the opportunity to do so without taking too much time off from work.

In his travels, he gets to do things that he’s always wanted to do but never had the opportunity, like scuba diving. In Cozumel, Mexico my father has gone diving in caves under the water over a dozen times. Until this year, he swore by his trusty diver watch. It never failed him. Then, when he was doing a test dive this past summer, it gave out on him.

It was unfortunate for him because he and his watch had gone on so many dives together. But it gave me the perfect opportunity to buy my dad a gift he really needed and wanted this holiday season. So I bought him this beautiful Invicta diver watch pictured here for a stocking stuffer.

I plan on giving him this watch as a going away present because I know that he has a cruise to the Bahamas booked for shortly after Christmas. It’s the perfect gift for him!