When it comes to spirits, single malt scotch is my favorite. Sure, I turn to red wine most Friday nights, but when I really want to relax and enjoy a drink, it’s scotch. Scotch has a “feeling.” When I lived in Western New York, cold winter nights needed something to warm your heart and spirit.  Believe me, February and March turned into long, long months waiting for the weather to break.

So sitting in a leather chair with a good book and a good scotch became a habit. I’d like to think it was in front of a roaring fire in a snow bound cabin in the Adirondack Mountains, but I live a bit more modestly than that.  Still, it has a look and feel and it’s easy to conjure up that image in your mind. Picture the rocks glass in hand, a great comfy leather chair and a great watch on your wrist.

In that spirit, let’s have a look at 3 great watches for 3 great scotches.  Oh, and remember: don’t drink ’til you’re legal and always drink responsibly!

Click here to see a complete list of watches I think were made for scotch drinkers.

Glenlivet 15 and the Lucien Piccard Ottoman

This not an entry-level scotch and it’s not an entry-level Lucien Piccard either. The scotch is smooth and oaky, with a bit of a vanilla finish. The watch is gorgeous, wearable and features two things I love in timepieces: moon phase and an open heart design. Neither will break the bank, and you’re getting real craftsmanship and quality.

Glenfiddich 14 and the Corum Admiral’s Cup AC-One

This is a match made in heaven. While the Corum isn’t the dressiest watch you’ll own, it ties into the US Only release by Glenfiddich so nicely that I just have to pair them up. The scotch is aged 14 years in American oak bourbon barrels. The watch celebrates the American spirit, and our rugged history.


Glenlivet 21 and the Bell & Ross Aviation Automatic

So the Glevlivet 21… Flat out my favorite. And we may or may not have sampled a significant quantity of this at a WorldofWatches happy hour recently.  We’ll never tell. It’s a scotch of distinction and deserves an equally distinctive watch. So I offer you the Bell & Ross Aviation Automatic. Just look at it. Bold design and a truly unique flavor. They fit together perfectly.


So what do you wear when you sit down to enjoy a good scotch? And what scotch is your go-to selection when the mood strikes? I’d love to know.