Getting ready in the morning can be a real hassle. Especially if you’re unsure exactly how you want to dress and accessorize. You can waste at least a few minutes just on the one problem: watch or bracelet? Bracelet or watch? What if you could have both? You can! Some designer watches are now made to occupy both needs. Bracelet watches solve indecision… at least some indecision. watches

Take, for example, some of the Gucci bracelet watches. They have a stainless steel bracelet with a watch faceplate. It’s in the shape of a bangle so unless otherwise told, most people wouldn’t even notice. It helps you keep track of time while being very fashionable. What a clever idea. They also have chain link stylewomen’s watches if you don’t want to wear something heavy. They better fit petite wrists.

In the same vein of having something smaller, there are mesh bracelet watches. Android makes a series of stainless steel bracelet watches with colorful faces. They’re fun and preppy. Just the accessory for a casual day with your best friends.

And, they aren’t just made for women. There are men’s watches by Rado that also have a link bracelet look. They have very wide straps and look retro. Retro is totally in at the moment.