At World of Watches, we sell a large range of excellent quality watch winders for up to 62% off the list price such as the multi-function dual slot Watch Winder depicted in the image.

Why Purchase a Watch Winder?

1) If you own an Automatic Watch.

Watch winders are specifically designed for mechanical automatic watches, which are wound by the gentle swinging motion of ones arm via an oscillating weight or rotor which turns on a pivot.  The pivot is attached to a ratcheted winding mechanism or a series of reverser or reducing gears, which wind the mainspring.

2) If you do not wear your watch every day.

Most automatic watches have the ability to keep on ticking for at least 48 hours after wearing – known as the power reserve; however,  after that time the watch will stop. To avoid having to constantly reset the time and date on your watch ,a watch winder will keep the watch ticking.  There is nothing worse then trying to set the time in a hurry.

3) If you have multiple automatic watches.

If you have many watches which you wear on occasion, a watch winder is a necessity in order to avoid constant time resetting.

4) Watches with perpetual Calenders and other complications.

Perpetual Calender watches, such as the Patek Phillipe Perpetual Calender available at World of Watches, resetting the time may be quite lengthy.  A Perpetual Calender is comprised of hundreds of tiny intricate components and has the remarkable ability to account for leap years and different lengths of months, and may need not be adjusted until 2100, unless of course the watch stops.   Moon Phases account for the different waxing and waning phases of the moon, and if one is not careful, ones watch may be stuck at full moon when in fact there is no moon at all. To avoid this problem it is best to use Watch Winders to keep the complications up to date.

5) To protect your watch from dust and jewelry. Although this point is not directly addressing the winding mechanism of the watch, it is still quite valid.  Tiny  dust and moisture particles can penetrate the watch, especially if the watch has not been serviced and the gaskets have not been replaced in a while.  In addition, Watch Winders protect the watch crystal from scratches.  The crystal of higher end watches are usually made from Sapphire Crystal, which is incredible hard and scratch resistant, yet not as hard as diamonds.  Thus placing your watch in the same jewelry box as a diamond bracelet or ring, can actually cause scratches to the crystal.  Other brands use mineral crystal to protect the dial ,which is even less scratch resistant then Sapphire, and thus even more susceptible to scratches from jewelry.

R. Van Halem