watchesI am a huge supporter of innovative Akriobs men’s watches. These watches mix high style with practical design, all in an affordable package. There women’s watches are great too, but for now I want to highlight some breakout stars from Akriobs men’s watches collection.

I am a huge fan of the Men’s Large Dial Diamond Quartz Chronograph Bracelet. The bracelet is black stainless steel, but that is because it doesn’t want to draw attention away from the face of the watch, which truly is special. Its use of diamonds is brilliant as well. The diamonds do not look like they are there just to make it a “diamond watch,” but their sparkle fits so well into the design.

Another thing I like about this watch is the three sub-dials on the main face. A lot of watch companies  try to do the multiple dials on one face but with Akribos it seems like a design choice as much as a feature. The Silver Akribos XXIV functions in the same way but has a light blue-silver color scheme as opposed to a black and dark blue silver color scheme. Both are great watches.

The one of the collection I don’t like is the light silver and white Akribos XXIV. The color scheme clashes with the design scheme. This is something I see often with Akriobs. They have expertly designed lines with a few watches thrown in where the color scheme takes away from the aesthetic principle.