When it comes to gold watches, the first thing you might think of is yellow gold, without even really realizing it. “Yellow Gold” is that classic type of gold coloring that everyone knows and thinks of immediately. But gold watches come in a variety of karats and colors.

I’ve found yellow gold is typically the top choice for those looking for a classic dress watch. It stands out against your wrist and is obvious to all that your watch is indeed made of gold.

Other notable forms of gold include white and rose gold. White gold isn’t as obvious (at a quick glance it may be mistaken for silver) but shines beautifully. Rose gold, meanwhile, is great for someone who wants something a little bit different. With it’s pinkish hue, it makes a great choice for women’s gold watch.

When it comes to karats, the most popular choice is 18k gold. It has a genuine shine to it but is still affordable. You can find watches with higher karats, but of course you’ll pay a higher price. Some of the lowest prices you can find are watches that just have a gold plating, or that only have a section made from real gold, like the case or the band. It’s a nice way to get the style but cut down on your spending.